Hard soap “Red Natural” with Red Fruit Oil (100 g)



Hand-made soap for gentle face and body skin care gives a sense of comfort, restores a healthy look and prevents aging. Due to the content of Red Fruit Oil, this product removes dryness and skin irritation, provides the skin with nutrients, makes it smooth and elastic. This special soap has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial action.

Application method:

apply a small amount of soap to moisturized skin, make a gentle massage, wash off with water.

Contraindicated for:

persons with sensitivity to the formula components.


saponified mixture of vegetable oils (palm, coconut, sunflower oils), treated water, Red Fruit Oil, flavoring.

Terms and conditions of storage:

store at a temperature of + 2° C to + 30° C.

A color change is possible in the long run due to the content of natural components.

Expiration date:

24 month from production date.

Hard soap “Red Natural” with Red Fruit Oil in terms of safety, organoleptic and physical-chemical quality indicators meets the requirements of STATE STANDARD OF UKRAINE 4537:2006.