Shower gel “Red Natural” with Red Fruit Oil (200 ml)



Shower gel “Red Natural” with Red Fruit Oil for all the skin types, which is rich in natural ingredients

Red Fruit Oil, which is made from a unique Papuan endemic, contains high level of antioxidants. The fruit has lots of unique health properties.

Sensation of cleanliness and freshness is what we expect from water procedures. But this unique shower gel also takes care of your body, gives strength and energy!

The product is enriched with Red Fruit Oil, which instantly gets the skin cells, makes it elastic and silky, saturates with reviver and nutrients, and helps to save youth and beauty.

Application method:

apply a small amount of gel to moisturized skin, make a gentle massage, wash off with water.

Contraindicated for:

persons with sensitivity to the formula components.


treated water, sodium laureth sulfate, lauryl glycoside, сocamidopropyl betaine,  sodium chloride, pearl, Red Fruit Oil, water-soluble almond oil, ginkgo biloba extract, water-soluble olive oil, lotus extract, grapefruit extract, natural preservative Nipaguard SCE, milk acid, aroma materials.

Terms and conditions of storage:

Store at a temperature of + 2° C to + 30° C.

Expiration date:

24 month from production date.

Shower gel “Red Natural” with Red Fruit Oil in terms of safety, organoleptic and physical-chemical quality indicators meets the requirements of STATE STANDARD OF UKRAINE 4315:2004.