Tooth paste “Red Natural” with Red Fruit Oil (100 g)



Tooth paste “Red Natural” with Red Fruit Oil, which is rich in natural ingredients.

Complex toothpaste for gentle teeth cleansing is ideal for daily use, carefully treats whiteness of sensitive enamel, protects against caries, prevents the formation of soft and hard plaque, eliminates the sensitivity of enamel; possesses astringent and anti-inflammatory effect; positively affects gums condition and retains fresh breath for a long time. The use of tooth paste will be a powerful protection against bacteria and significantly reduce an appearance of oral diseases.

Application method:

apply a small amount of paste on a moistened brush, brush teeth and gums, wash off with water.

Contraindicated for:

persons with sensitivity to the formula components.


treated water, sorbitol, silica, glycerin, lauryl glycoside, xanthan gum, d-panthenol, Berberis vulgaris extract, Red Fruit Oil, John’s-wort extract, natural papain enzyme, eucalyptus extract, sodium benzoate, stevioside (natural stevia sweetener), mint oil.

Terms and conditions of storage:

store at a temperature of + 2° C to + 30° C.

A color change is possible in the long run due to the content of natural components.

Expiration date:

24 month from production date.

Tooth paste “Red Natural” in terms of safety, organoleptic and physical-chemical quality indicators meets the requirements of Technological Intelligence of Ukraine 20.4-3522910095-004:2017.